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The General Services Administration's hunt for an agency-specific entity identifier conflicts with the Office of Management and Budget's push for a governmentwide data strategy.

October 16, 2018

Data is essential to guide evidence-based decision-making, a critical best practice toward informed policy development. A recent Government Accountability Office report has taken the government to task for failing to properly implement empirically sound and evidence-based practices as part of their deliberative process.

New bill to improve government agency web services

October 04, 2018

Mike Hettinger, president of Hettinger Strategy Group and Rich Beutel, principal at Cyrrus Analytics discuss a bill to redesign federal websites, and the rapid time frame it proposes.

Modernizing Government Technology – Learning to Navigate the System

August 14, 2018

Richard Beutel, Founder and Leader of Cyrrus Analytics and a nationally recognized expert in IT acquisition management and cloud policy, discusses how agencies can navigate the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act. He authored the original text of the MGT Act and is the original author and legislative manager for the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA). Richard was also a leader in advancing the original Cloud First Policy and IT modernization across the federal government.

Time to Modernize Our Approach to Data

August 03, 2018

The government should consider all the types of data it uses—public, private and hybrid—as it forms its new Federal Data Strategy.

House, Senate Will Go To Conference Over Technology Modernization Fund

August 02, 2018

Mike Hettinger, President of Hettinger Strategy Group and Rich Beutel, Principal at Cyrrus Analytics, discuss the future of the Technology Modernization Fund, and the need for transparency in its awards.

Are OTAs the Thing of the Future?

July 26, 2018

As it looks to get new technologies developed and into the field as quickly as possible, the Department of Defense has been making greater use of Other Transaction Authority (OTA), a quick-strike contracting mechanism that has gone in and out of fashion since the 1950s, but is now seeing a resurgence.

Crafting Open Data Policies in a Complex Era

June 11, 2018

Open data policies drive government transparency, public accountability, and citizen-centered services. These policies provide valuable data resources to citizens while enhancing the effectiveness of government. However, the types of data that governments deal with are increasingly diverse and complex, particularly in cases where the government collects proprietary data or partners with private sector entities to accomplish government missions.

Agencies await selection for IT modernization funding

April 24, 2018

Mike Hettinger, former congressional chief of staff and president of Hettinger Strategy Group and Rich Beutel, principal at Cyrrus Analytics, discuss which agency proposals might receive funding from the MGT board, and if the fund will receive more money in FY19.

Impact of CRs & shutdown on agency modernization efforts

January 29, 2020

Mike Hettinger, president of Hettinger Strategy Group, and Rich Beutel, principal at Cyrrus Analytics, discuss the impact of short term spending solutions on I.T. modernization at federal agencies.

Advice to CIOs: ‘Don’t pooh-pooh the IT modernization guidance’

March 05, 2018

The White House remains hopeful that the appropriators will heed its request and open up its wallet to fund the Technology Modernization Fund.

Agencies prepare for passage of the MGT Act

October 05, 2017

Hettinger Strategy Group president Mike Hettinger and Cyrrus Analytics principal Rich Beutel look to the future of Congress’ legislative priorities in information technology.

Future of the 2017 FITARA Enhancement Act

August 02, 2017

Hettinger Strategy Group president Mike Hettinger and Cyrrus Analytics principal Rich Beutel discuss the future of FITARA and offer insight on this fall’s federal IT priorities in Congress.

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