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Cyrrus Analytics works with clients to seed government funding for IT modernization projects. We also work to establish new IT requirements by federal agencies and to accelerate IT markets.


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Strategic Insight

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We are tuned into changing requirements, evolving baselines and critical trends in government IT and its deployment. We share that insight with our clients to advance their business success.

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Present and Future Capture Strategies

We work with clients to identify evolving government requirements and advise clients in framing their value propositions to expand relationships with key government agencies.

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Dialogue with the Executive Branch

We have in-depth contacts and relationships with key influencers within the Executive Branch. We talk with the thought leaders and senior agency officials on a daily basis regarding their concerns, issues and objectives. We know how to navigate policy, regulatory, and budgetary issues to effect changes on behalf of our clients. 

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Liaison with Congress

Cyrrus Analytics has extensive experience working with the U.S. Congress on challenging oversight and public policy dilemmas. We have close relationships with the leadership of key committees of influence relating to the acquisition of federal IT products and services. We are extremely experienced in oversight dynamics and hearing preparation, having personally orchestrated over 40 major Congressional hearings since 2007.

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Technical Assistance Related to the FAR

Understanding the complexities of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is critical to effectively doing business in the federal government. Not only does a strong understanding of the FAR ensure effective compliance, it may also open additional contract opportunities.  


Our team has expertise related to the FAR and has also advocated for flexible interpretations within the FAR to allow contracting officers the flexibility to achieve the best outcome for their agencies.

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Practice Areas

  • IT & Cloud acquisition challenges

  • Cyber standards and implementation

  • FedRAMP issues and status

  • DoD cloud procurement

  • GSA programs and procurement vehicles

  • OMB policy and recommendations

  • Strategic intelligence

  • Reviewing and evaluating IT and cloud requirements

  • Government contract oversight

  • Waste, Fraud and abuse

  • Contract and cost compliance

  • Law enforcement interface

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